Gunfighter Mk.III – Base Only


Recommended for VKB customers who wish to use their existing VKB grip with a VKB Gunfighter Mk.III joystick base. (Scroll down for product descriptions & relevant downloads)

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Reminder: Base Only! Joystick Grip Not Included! If you need to purchase a complete joystick, click here instead.

Included Gunfighter Mk.III Base:

  • Gunfighter MK.III Base (Rev.B)
  • BlackBox Mk2
  • Tabletop base plate
  • Combo Cams Kit
  • 50 cm (1.6′) interface cable
  • 180 cm (6′) USB 2.0 cable
  • Set of springs (10, 20A, 30A, 40A)
  • Spring installation tool
  • Grip fastener


  • Built to Last
  • All-metal gimbal w/ adjustable axis dampers
  • Swappable cams and springs
  • “Avia” cams with progressive loading (soft and hard center)
  • “Space” cams with linear loading (soft and hard center)
  • Cams made of hardened stainless steel alloy
  • Wide stance tabletop base plate
  • Blackbox w/ 32-bit ARM MCU active USB 2.0 controller


  • Works with all flight simulations
  • No drivers required
  • Digital Hi-resolution contactless sensors
  • Save and load custom profiles
  • Software tunable axes
  • Upgradeable firmware via USB interface

NOTE: The clutch dampers may be tightened at the factory to prevent them from loosening during shipping; before you connect your Gunfighter to your PC, you will need to loosen the dampers for both pitch and roll axes to achieve correct return-to-center axes movements after calibration (refer to the Gunfighter Quick Guide for details). 


  • 2 Years

Compatible Grips:

  • VKB MCG Modern Combat/Ultimate Grip (3-pin Rev.B)
  • VKB SCG Space Combat Grip (3-pin Rev.B)
  • VKB KG12 WWII Combat Grip (3-pin Rev.B)
  • VKB F-14 Combat Grip (3-pin Rev.B)



  • Please visit the Downloads section for configuration software, device firmware, as well as software documentation.

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