GNX SEM (Side Extension Module)


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GNX SEM (Side Extension Module)


  • SEM
  • Plastic coupler

Depending on your GNX build, you might need additional couplers to interconnect modules – click here to purchase them.

  • Type-C connector guard
  • Rubber pads
  • Plastic spacers
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Interchangeable detents
  • Internal “module-to-module” cable
  • Internal “module-to-joystick” cable
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • HEX Screwdriver
  • Stickers with protective film

Does not include a USB Controller (refer to ‘Connectivity’ below)

Tabletop module:

  • Can be attached side-by-side to …
    • Gladiator NXT/EVO joystick base (from either side)
    • Gladiator NXT EVO Omni Throttle (from the opposite side of the OTA elbow)
    • SEM modules (up to a total of 4 SEM modules)
    • THQ modules (up to a total of 4 THQ modules)


  • 1 Rotary switch
  • 2 Multi-function axes
  • 2 K-switches w/ central push button
  • 7 Push buttons
  • 8 Programmable, dual-color LEDs
  • Provides either a total of 24 logical buttons or 17 logical buttons and 2 analog axes (based on configuration)


  • Included – GNX Module-to-Module Interface Cable
    • Used when connecting/attaching GNX modules directly to a Gladiator NXT/EVO joystick or GNX module


  • Not includedGNX USB Controller (HID-Main)
    • Required when connecting GNX Modules directly to the PC via USB cable
    • Required when the total amount of analog axes per GNX device combo exceeds eight; must be then directly connected to the PC via USB cable instead


  • 2 Years

Compatible with:



  • Please visit the Downloads section for configuration software, device firmware, as well as software documentation.

GNX SEM Hardware Video Guides


GNX SEM Software Video Guide

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