GNX Dual THQ + SEM-V Combo


Even though this GNX combo set will complement and expand any existing Gladiator NXT setup, a joystick is not required for this combo set to work. This set comes with a GNX USB controller pre-installed, allowing it to be used as a stand-alone device, or alongside any existing joystick.

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GNX Dual THQ + SEM-V Combo


  • 1 GNX SEM-V
  • 1 GNX MFH
  • 1 GNX USB Controller (HID-Main)

Combo Features

  •  6 Axes
  • 40 programmable buttons
  • 8 programmable bi-color LEDs

GNX THQ (Throttle Quadrant)

  • 3 Analog axes (w/ clutch dampers and adjustable length/height of axis levers)
  • 8 Push buttons
  • 5 Interchangeable axis lever heads (different colors/shapes)
  • Up to 4 GNX THQ modules can be connected, providing 12 analog axes
  • Newly developed VKB Njoy 32NG firmware allows for 20 analog axes to be recognized in Windows as 3 joysticks (2 w/ 8 axes, plus 1 w/ 4 axes)

GNX SEM (Side Extension Module)

  • 1 Rotary switch
  • 2 Multi-function axes
  • 2 K-switches w/ central push button
  • 7 Push buttons
  • 8 Programmable, dual-color LEDs
  • Provides either a total of 24 logical buttons or 17 logical buttons and 2 analog axes (based on configuration)

GNX MFH (Multi-Functional Holder)

  • Designed to mount GNX extension modules (FSM, SEM-V, THQ-V)
  • Attaches to either a single THQ or SEM module, or straddles two modules that have been connected together (does not attach to Gladiator NXT base)
  • If not attached to any extension module, it can be used directly on the desk as a stand-alone holder
  • If not used for vertical GNX modules, it provides sturdy support for smartphones, tablets, or keyboards

GNX USB Controller (HID-Main)

  • NJoy32 platform
  • 32-bit ARM Controllers inside base and grip
  • Plug & Play with Driver-Free Installation (Recommended for Most Users)
  • Firmware Upgrade via USB
  • Onboard Memory for Storing Profiles
  • Optional Programming Software Available (For Advanced Users)
  • USB 2.0 HID controller
  • Type-C connection


  • 2 Years

Compatible with:

  • Gladiator NXT



  • Please visit the Downloads section for configuration software, device firmware, as well as software documentation.

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Dimensions 30 × 16 × 23 cm