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F-14 Combat Grip (Stand-Alone)


Meant for VKB customers who already own a compatible joystick and wish to use it with a VKB F-14 Combat Grip. (Scroll down for product descriptions & relevant downloads)

Customers who purchased the DCS F-14 module from the Heatblur or Eagle Dynamics stores respectively, will receive 10% off of the grip’s retail price during checkout. Coupon codes need be entered in the following format: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (including hyphens; spaces are not allowed).

Heatblur customers, please use the coupon code provided to you by Heatblur (hint: search your inbox or spam folder for the sender “sendowl“, by which these codes were sent by HB). If you have any issues finding your code, please email Heatblur support directly at support@hetablur.se

Eagle Dynamics customers, find it in Eagle Dynamics Personal Section > Orders > DCS: F-14 Tomcat > Details.

Customers who purchase a Gunfighter Mk.III ‘F-14 Edition’ or a F-14 Combat Grip (Stand-Alone) without applied discount – and have not yet bought the Heatblur DCS F-14 module – will receive a $10 USD discount for the DCS F-14 module on Heatblur’s store, courtesy of Heatblur. VKB HQ will email coupon codes to qualified customers.

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Reminder: Grip Only! Joystick Base Not Included! If you need to purchase a complete joystick, click here instead. 

F-14 Combat Grip

Developed in conjunction with Heatblur Simulations and their awesome DCS F-14A/B Tomcat.

  • F-14 replica grip
  • Built-in, lockable twist adapter
  • Rubber inserts for a no slip firm and handy grip
  • Metal ammo switch, hat, and emergency autopilot disable trigger
  • Long travel, soft-click buttons
  • Modular hat design (fully dismantlable, all buttons user replaceable)
  • Ammo switch design based on contactless sensor
  • Spring-loaded, self-centering DLC (Direct Lift Control) maneuver wheel design based on contactless sensor
  • Two-step trigger design based on cam mechanism – similar to that used in real life war planes
  • 32-bit ARM controller as the brain of the grip
  • Made from industrial-grade ABS

Available Axes/Buttons:

  • 1x Rudder axis (lockable)
  • 1x DLC (Direct Lift Control) axis
  • 1x Hat Switch w/ push
  • 1x Dual-stage trigger
  • 1x Four-stage ammo selector w/ safety lock and push
  • 4x Programmable buttons


  • 1 Year

Compatible Joysticks:

  • Gunfighter Mk.II/Mk.III



  • Please visit the Downloads section to download the required firmware and tools needed to flash and calibrate.

F-14 Grip Video Guides:


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