Gunfighter Upgrade Kit – Electronics


Meant for customers who wish to upgrade their existing Gunfighter Mk.I or Mk.II with the shown Gunfighter Mk.III electronics upgrade kit. (Scroll down for product descriptions & relevant downloads)

IMPORTANT: Customers who wish to purchase this ‘Gunfighter Upgrade Kit’ will have to email a photo of their existing gimbal to How? Remove the gimbal from the base and take a photo like so:

The reason? VKB’s chief engineer has to determine the existing Y-sensor PCB installed in the original Gunfighter in order to ship you the correct upgrade kit. 

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Gunfighter Upgrade Kit – Electronics

  • Upgrades the internal electronics of your existing Gunfighter Mk.I/II to that of the Gunfighter Mk.III. 
  • Upgrades the metal housing of your existing Gunfighter Mk.I/II to that of the Gunfighter Mk.III.
  • Does not upgrade your existing Gunfighter’s gimbal; your current grip’s electrical connection will also remain the same! Thus, be sure to select the correct MCG Twist Adapter for your current Gunfighter’s gimbal when ordering the Upgrade Kit w/ Twist Adapter combo!


  • Y-sensor PCB
  • Cable
  • Casing w/ X-sensor PCB pre-installed
  • Does *not* include Dust Cover Kit (available separately

Compatible with:

  • Gunfighter Mk.I
  • Gunfighter Mk.II

Optional Kit:

  • MCG Twist Adapter Kit (Rev.A) – Gunfighter Mk.I
  • MCG Twist Adapter Kit (Rev.B) – Gunfighter Mk.II/Mk.III
  • See Installation Video on the Twist Adapter Product Page

Installation Videos:

Gunfighter Mk.I:

Gunfighter Mk.I – 1st Batch:


Gunfighter Mk.I – 2nd Batch and After:


Gunfighter Mk.II:

DISCLAIMER: Some modification and assembly is required. Even though the conversion is easy and does not require any special skills, you should only attempt this if you feel comfortable using tools to disassemble and reassemble your joystick. VKB North America is NOT RESPONSIBLE for mistakes made during this process that may break or damage your joystick. Proceed with caution, work slowly and read ALL the instructions carefully (refer to the assembly guide). Use this upgrade kit at your own risk.

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