Firmware Bundle

There’s no need to flash your brand-new VKB device, as it comes preinstalled with a stable firmware version from the factory. For a Gunfighter, simply calibrate and fly; for a Gladiator NXT/EVO/Omni-Throttle,  please follow the Quick Start Video Guide first!

NEW! The zip file contains a list of folders sorted by device category to easily find the firmware that’s right for your device:

  • 1stGen = Legacy VKB devices, e.g. Mamba, King Cobra, etc
  • Gladiator_NXT_series = Gladiator NXT/EVO & GNX USB Modules
  • Gladiator_series = Legacy Gladiators, e.g, Gladiator K & Gladiator Mk.II
  • Gunfighter_series_T-Rudders = BlackBox-based VKB devices, such as –
    • BlackBox MK2 = Black BlackBox, e.g., Gunfighters & T-Rudders attached to the black BlackBox
    • BlackBox MK1 = Orange BlackBox, e.g., Gunfighters & T-Rudders attached to the orange BlackBox

Configuration Apps

Testing & Troubleshooting


Video Guides

More bleeding-edge VKB device software can be found in VKB developer Alex Oz’ repository for device firmware, and configuration apps (use at your own risk). 

Note: Support for VKB firmware, VKB software, and controller button assignments is available from our Community Support Links.