List of updated VKB software/firmware that has been tested and validated (currently hosted on

Firmware for MCG Ultimate grip: 

Firmware Bundle (includes firmware for all VKB Devices):

For VKB devices shipped with the new BlackBox (black casing), you’ll need to select firmware starting w/ “_BlackBox_MK2_” (MK2 refers to the new BlackBox, not the device variant as in Gunfighter Mk.I, or T-Rudders Mk.IV, etc). If your device uses the orange BlackBox, chose firmware starting w/  “_BlackBox_” instead.

For Gunfighters with Twist Adapters, select the firmware w/ “_Twist_” in its name. 

Note: If you’ve upgraded your Gunfighter Mk.I or Mk.II to Gunfighter Mk.III specs, and still rock the orange BlackBox, always choose the firmware meant for the orange one!

Configuration Apps:

Testing & Troubleshooting:


Video Guides:

More bleeding edge VKB device firmware and configuration apps can be found on VKB developer Alex Oz’ web page (use at your own risk). For stable releases found on VKB’s official FTP site, click here

REMINDER: For firmware, software & button assignment support, please visit the VKB Official Support Forum.