List of up-to-date VKB software/firmware that has been tested and validated.

Firmware Bundle (includes firmware for all VKB Devices)

  • VKB Device Firmware (v2.09.0 XT)UPDATED DEC 6, 2021 – SUPPORTS GNX MODULES! 
    • For GNX modules attached to a Gladiator NXT joystick, use this firmware format: “Gladiator_NXT_vx_xx.vkb”
    • For GNX modules with GNX USB Controller (HID-Main) installed, use this firmware format: “GNX_USB_Controller_vx.xx.vkb”
    • For VKB devices with the black BlackBox, you’ll need to select firmware starting with “_BlackBox_MK2_”
    • If your device uses the orange BlackBox, chose firmware starting with  “_BlackBox_” instead
    • For Gunfighters with Twist Adapters built into their MCG grip, select firmware with “_Twist_” in its name
    • For legacy Gladiators/Pro with KG12 grip, select firmware with “_Gladiator_KG12_” in its name
    • Firmware naming convention examples:
      • Gunfighter: <blackbox type>_GF_<grip type>_<firmware version>.vkb
      • Gladiator NXT: <gladiator_nxt>_<firmware version>.vkb
      • Legacy Gladiator: <gladiator>_<grip type>_<firmware version>.vkb

Configuration Apps

Testing & Troubleshooting


Video Guides

More bleeding-edge VKB device software can be found in VKB developer Alex Oz’ repository for device firmware, and configuration apps (use at your own risk). 

REMINDER: For firmware, software & button assignment support, please visit the VKB Official Support Forum.