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Gunfighter Mk.III ‘F-14 Combat Edition’ and F-14 Stand-Alone Grip Available

Hi guys,

VKB Gunfighter Mk.III ‘F-14 Combat Edition’ and F-14 Stand-Alone Grips are now available to purchase.

Customers who purchased their DCS F-14 module from the Heatblur or Eagle Dynamics stores respectively will receive 10% off of the grip’s retail price during checkout. Coupon codes need be entered in the following format: XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX (including hyphens; spaces are not allowed).

Heatblur customers, please use the coupon code provided to you by Heatblur (hint: search your inbox (or spam folder) for the sender “sendowl”, by which these codes were sent by HB). If you have any issues, please email Heatblur support directly at

Eagle Dynamics customers, find it in your Eagle Dynamics Personal Section > Orders > DCS: F-14 Tomcat > Details.

Customers who purchase a Gunfighter Mk.III ‘F-14 Edition’ or a F-14 Combat Grip (Stand-Alone) without applied discount – and have not yet bought the Heatblur DCS F-14 module – will receive a $10 USD discount for the DCS F-14 module on Heatblur’s store, courtesy of VKB HQ. VKB HQ will email coupon codes to qualified customers.

For Steam users who purchased their F-14 copy via Steam we currently don’t have a way to offer the same discount, but we’re working on a solution with VKB HQ. Once we know more, we will let you know.

Until next time,