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Quick MCG Update

Hi Guys,

I got this from VKB HQ yesterday:

“Regarding the 1 Dec pre-order: Manufacturing is going at full speed. We are pretty sure there will be no further delays, unless anything unforeseen happens.

As announced before, the MCG grips are being made twist-adapter-ready. The twist adapter (which will be available later as an option) itself is a principally new design, and as such it needs to be properly patented. VKB is currently going through the paperwork, and once the patent claim is formally registered, the sticks will be sent out.

No one wants to lose face or get in trouble with the Internet payment system for holding the buyers’ funds too long before shipping the goods out. Hence we will move the payment day to 15 Dec – which does not mean moving the production/shipment schedule! However, this measure will allow VKB to get the patent papers done before the sticks hit the road on the way to their new owners.”

With this said, I’ve been tasked with pushing the automatic payment date out to December 15, which I will do right away for all pre-orders whose release was slated for Dec 1. Please keep in mind that this will not change your pre-order status, and your debit/credit cards won’t be charged until the new date rolls around.

Until next time,