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Gunfighter Base Only – Discontinued

Hi Guys,

VKB HQ has discontinued the Gunfighter Base Only product, as they would prefer to deliver “ready to use” products only at this time (this means a workable stick including a base and the default KG12 grip).¬†If you’re planning on using a TM Warthog or MCG grip with a Gunfighter product, please choose the Gunfighter (tabletop) variant for that purpose.

All Gunfighter Base Only orders that have been placed up until now will of course be delivered to you as expected – so no worries there.

After today, however, the Gunfighter Base Only is no longer available for purchase. This does not affect the Gunfighter (tabletop) or the Gunfighter Pro availability.

Sorry for any inconvenience this decision might cause.

Until next time,