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Updated VKBDevCfg, Bootloader & Gladiator NXT Firmware with added GNX Module Support

Hi guys,

VKB HQ released an updated version of their configuration software VKBDevCfg v0.92.11, with support for GNX Modules (SEM, SEM-V, THQ, THQ-V, and FSM-GA).

Furthermore, they also released an updated version of their ZBootloader (v.2.0) and Gladiator NXT firmware v2.08.0.3 that adds support for GNX Modules as well.

Be sure to grab these updates from our Downloads page!

Also, be sure to watch the GNX Software & Hardware Video Guides for GNX Modules on VKB’s official YouTube Channel as well, as configuring GNX Modules requires a bit of tinkering!

Until next time,