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Update on VKB Product Availability

Hi guys,

I know you’re expecting some (if not most) of the VKB products you’ve been waiting for to be available in a few days, but VKB HQ told me (between the lines) that this is not the case. So without further ado, here’s the news: The “expected availability: End of May, 2018” date does not hold, and needs to get pushed back (again). As a VKB sales partner, this is as frustrating for me as it is for you – believe me.

Here’s a note from VKB HQ earlier this morning in a forum post – and I let it speak for itself:

“By the way, end of May is indeed not a valid deadline, so who was going to bet 10 bucks on the 30th, please don’t. The next batch is being made and we are spending practically every day, 7 days a week, at the factories. Unexpectedly, the recent shipment to Europe that was supposed to fully cover all orders and stock up the storage for a few months, was sold out in less than a week.

So the currently being made batch is going to be much larger.

The size of the batch does not really affect the production time this much. What does is that those who create new models and those who spend days and weeks at the factories making sure the devices are produced to our standards of quality mostly are the same people.  All delays and slow downs of present day are not because of weak production capacity (that’s in the past) but due to constant improvement and strict quality control.

So… it is coming. Although not on time but soon enough.”

With that being said, for VKB North America I will have to do the following:

  • Push back all pre-oders for the Gladiator Upgrade Kit, and without a concrete date given, I will push it back by 1 month for now.
  • All other products that are not pre-orders will be labeled “Expected Availability: TBD” for now, until VKB HQ gives me something to go by.

I really wished I had better news at this time for all of you who are waiting – but it is what it is.

Until next time,