My MCG grip’s base connector is getting loose; what can I do?

This was an issue with the first batches of MCG/MCG PRO grips, where spring lock washers weren’t included during assembly. This has been addressed in all subsequent batches by including spring lock washers.

That said, if you feel that your MCG grip’s base connector is getting looser over time, the best way to fix this yourself is by installing two spring lock washers (DIN127B M3)* and tighten the screws again.

As you can see below, I’ve opted to go with hex screws instead of the ones with Phillips-head, as that’s my personal preference. You can see the spring lock washers peeking out from under those hex screw heads.

If you want to mimic what I’ve done, these are the replacement parts I’ve used:

  • Screw: DIN912 M3*14mm
  • Spring lock washer: DIN127B M3
  • Washer: DIN125A M3 (for good measure)

Follow this guide on how to open the MCG/MCG PRO grip to access the base connector.

*Do not use Loctite on the screws! With Loctite applied, you are likely to break the threaded metal sockets out of their ABS plastic housing if you were to remove the base connector for some reason at a later point in time.