Gunfighter Mk.III ‘WWII Combat Edition’


Recommended for the serious player of WWII flight simulations, who prefers to fly either from the desk or custom sim pit setup. The metal gimbal of the Gunfighter Series adds custom spring and cam options, and the adjustable dampers allow for added friction for a heavier throw. (Scroll down for product descriptions & relevant downloads)

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Gunfighter Mk.III ‘WWII Combat Edition’

Adjustable dampers allow the user to adjust the friction of the stick, which results in a heavier throw with less oscillation. The all-metal gimbal supports up to two springs per axis (up to 2x #40 spring strength), which allows for a stiffer overall feel during stick movement.


KG12 WWII Combat Grip

  • Right-hand grip design
  • Ergonomic grip angle (can be rotated left up to 15 degrees)
  • 1x trigger, 1x bomb release button, 1x 4-way switch + 1x profile shift pinky button
  • Metal trigger

Included Gunfighter Mk.III Base:


  • Built to Last
  • All-metal gimbal w/ adjustable axis dampers
  • Swappable cams and springs
  • “Avia” cams with progressive loading (soft and hard center)
  • “Space” cams with linear loading (soft and hard center)
  • Cams made of hardened stainless steel alloy
  • Wide stance tabletop base plate
  • Blackbox w/ 32-bit ARM MCU active USB 2.0 controller
  • Set of springs
  • Spring installation tool
  • 50 cm (1.6′) interface cable
  • 180 cm (6′) USB 2.0 cable


  • Works with all flight simulations
  • No drivers required
  • Digital Hi-resolution contactless sensors
  • Save and load custom profiles
  • Software tunable axes
  • Upgradeable firmware via USB interface

Optional Kit:

Gunfighter Pro-L(ong) comes with a 200 mm Stick Extension

  • 200 mm (8″) curved extension
  • Set of #50 springs – extra strong
  • Grip fastener
  • Does not include Small Base Plate (offered separately)

Gunfighter Pro-S(hort) comes with a 100 mm Stick Extension

  • 100 mm (4″) straight extension
  • Set of #50 springs – extra strong
  • Grip fastener
  • Does not include Small Base Plate (offered separately)


  • 2 Years



Replacing cams and springs, adjusting the dry clutch, installing a grip on a Gunfighter base:

NOTE: The clutch dampers may be tightened at the factory to prevent them from loosening during shipping; before you connect your Gunfighter to your PC, you will need to loosen the dampers for both pitch and roll axes to achieve correct return-to-center axes movements after calibration. 

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