F-14 GNX Combat Grip (Add-On)


Meant for VKB customers who already own a Gladiator NXT/EVO joystick and wish to use it with the GNX F-14 Combat grip.

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Grip Only – Base Not Included! If you wish to purchase a complete joystick, click here instead.

F-14 GNX Combat Grip (Add-On)


F-14 GNX Grip

  • F-14 replica grip
  • Built-in, lockable twist adapter
  • Rubber inserts for a no-slip firm and handy grip
  • Metal ammo switch, hat, and emergency-autopilot-disable-trigger
  • Long travel, soft-click buttons
  • Modular hat design (fully dismantlable, all buttons user replaceable)
  • Ammo switch design based on contactless sensor
  • Spring-loaded, self-centering DLC (Direct Lift Control) maneuver wheel design based on contactless sensor
  • Two-step trigger design based on cam mechanism – similar to that used in real-life warplanes
  • 32-bit ARM controller as the brain of the grip
  • Made from industrial-grade ABS

Available Grip Axes/Buttons

  • 1 Rudder axis (lockable)
  • 1 DLC (Direct Lift Control) axis
  • 1 Hat Switch w/ push
  • 1 Dual-stage trigger
  • 1 Four-stage ammo selector w/ safety lock and push
  • 4 Programmable buttons


  • 1 Year

Compatible Joysticks

  • Gladiator NXT
  • Gladiator NXT EVO


  • Please visit the Downloads section for configuration software, device firmware, as well as software documentation.

How to take off the grip of your Gladiator NXT/EVO joystick

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