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Quick GNX Order Status Update

Hi guys,

According to VKB HQ, GNX orders should start processing for shipping from Friday, Aug 28.

Due to the record amount of GNX orders received, order processing will have to be staggered and shipping will take place in batches over several business days before all GNX orders are shipped out.

This means that processing for shipping won’t be as swift as you might think until your order ships, and more patience is still needed.

As always, we will update your order page with tracking info as we receive them from VKB’s shipping dept; however, as to when exactly you will receive *your* tracking number is out of our control.

We here at wish to thank you for your ongoing support – and your patience – in getting the GNX joysticks into your hands.

Until next time,

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VKB announces Gladiator NXT (GNX)

Hi gyus,

have a look here for the announcement on Reddit of the next generation (and evolution) of the Gladiator series – the Gladiator NXT (or GNX for short).

We here at are opening up the wait list for the first module of the system, the Gladiator NXT joystick. Click here to go to the shop page and be sure to click the “Get Notified” button to receive an automated email once the stick is available to purchase.

Teaser video of what’s to come below:

With the new GNX on the way, the Gladiator Mk.II series, including the Gladiator-K, have been discontinued.

Until next time,

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VKB HQ on Stand-Alone Bases

Hi guys,

VKB HQ’s AeroGator shared this little statement on the official VKB forum (source

Hello Pilots, we’ve been receiving increasingly many questions on the topic.


YES I double confirm we are going to sell the bases separately.
NO I double confirm I will not disclose the date we will do it.
WHY?? – indeed, a fully legitimate question.
BECAUSE there is still a solid chance of force majeure, and although we were lucky and wise making timely provisions at the very first signs of coming trouble in January, let’s not forget the virus is still at large, and supply chains can be interrupted any moment .
Sept 1, 2020 – As for right now, I believe it is safe to say we will roll standalone bases out before the kids go to school. If there is no major disturbance, maybe earlier. In case of trouble, maybe a bit (not a lot) later.

There will be no update on this release until the dealers have green light from us, and the standalone bases appear in their shops.

Please don’t nudge the cook: it won’t bring the steak earlier! We want to serve you the bases no less than you want to put your hands on them.

To make waiting less boring, let me tell you that there will be TM-optimized bases (adapter + pre-flashed FW) coming at the same time with “normal” ones. Also, there will be no “just base, without a blackbox” option: all bases will have blackboxes as part of the set.

Enjoy your time flying, and please stay tuned!

Until next time,

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VKB Announces Gladiator K

Hi Guys,

VKB announces the Gladiator K (read below), thus effectively replacing the now discontinued Gladiator Mk.II. We here at should be able to start selling the Gladiator-K on June 4th. Stay tuned.

The Gladiator K

It is made with a well established Gladiator base, a pre-installed Lite Upgrade, and 4 different Kosmosima grips to choose from: Standard L, Standard R, Premium L, Premium R.


  • Gladiator K with Standard L or R Kosmosima grips – 149 US Dollars;
  • Gladiator K with Premium L or R Kosmosima grips – 179 US Dollars.

Let’s compare these prices to those of all parts purchased separately:

  • Gladiator joystick (84 bucks) +
  • Lite Upgrade (21 buck) +
  • Kosmosima Premium grip (119) =
  • 224 dollars earned in the sweat of thy brow. Buying a Gladiator K you are saving 45 dollars which is quite a chunk.


Are grips interchangeable?

  • YES they are. You may first buy one joystick with a Kosmosima Right. Then, as you progress, you buy a GunFighter base with a Kosmosima Left, swap the grips, and you now have a pretty solid setup of a Kosmosima Gunfighter on the right, and a Gladiator K on the left. Поди плохо. ?לא טוב 可不好。

Ha, great! Interchangeable grips mean I can mount an MCG on the Gladiator??

  • YES but NO. You can. But you should not. This joystick is NOT meant to be used with a MCG, period. You can mount it on this base, and it will fit. But in case of any problems we will not offer free repair or replacement, and will not guide you through any setting up or fine tuning procedures. Could we disable using MCG by the means of firmware? – yes. But we respect users’ curiosity and creativity. Some may want to experiment, and we don’t want to limit you. Just do it at your own risk.

Wait wait…. Replaceable grips, all this… are you saying Gunfighter bases will be sold separately?

  • YES you read my lips right.

Shut up and take my money!

  • I will, don’t worry…. but not all of it! ALL Gladiator K owners will enjoy 10% off on Gunfighter base 🙂 You will need the serial number of your Gladiator K to claim the discount. Don’t trade the serials, there is one discount for one serial number.

(Shocked): That’s it?

  • Roughly. Except, June 4 we will have a free Gladiator K draw at our Youtube channel. Not only the winner will get the device but we will also cover shipment fees. Customs duty, if any, on you.

Now, this is it. 🙂

Stay safe, take care, and enjoy flying to its fullest.

Until next time,