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VKB HQ announces Omni Throttle

Hi Guys,

VKB HQ has announced their Gladiator NXT based Omni Throttle, as well as Omni Throttle Adapters (OTA) for existing Gladiator NXT and Gunfighter joysticks.

Have a look at the teaser announcement on Reddit as well.

Here are the links to the GNX Omni Throttle and Omni Throttle Adapters (OTA) respectively here on

Gladiator NXT Omni Throttle

Omni Throttle Adapter (OTA) for Gladiator NXT

Omni Throttle Adapter (OTA) for Gunfighter

Accepting orders now, and shipping will start after VKB HQ’s CNY break.

Until next time,

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IMPORTANT: Shipping to resume Monday, Jan 17

Hi guys,

UPDATE (Jan 18, 2022)

Please be advised that – even though shipping operations have resumed with both FedEx and DHL – we will have to wait for carriers to get their logistics sorted again and for parcels to continue tracking. Given the potentially large backlog this COVID-related carrier/export stop has caused, this might take a few business days to untangle.‚Äč

With that in mind, please keep an eye on your tracking numbers so you’ll aware once your order starts moving again.

Again, thank you for your patience in this.


UPDATE (Jan 17, 2022)

We’ve received an update from VKB HQ today, and it seems as if both DHL and FedEx have returned to normal operations at this time, and VKB HQ’s shipping dept is able to continue the shipping process. Both DHL and FedEx are once again available during checkout as carrier choices.

Thank you for your patience in this.


UPDATE (Jan 14, 2022)

Just to confirm from our previous update, according to VKB HQ, shipping will continue on Monday, Jan 17.

However, the latest news from VKB HQ is that only FedEx is ready to start picking up parcels again, while DHL has not provided any updates as of today as to when they’ll return to service.

With that in mind, VKB HQ has decided to ship all currently processing orders with FedEx instead of waiting for DHL.

Because of this, we will refund the difference between the DHL and FedEx shipping fees where applicable for orders that were placed between Jan 11 and today, Jan 14 (prior to enabling FedEx during checkout again)

Note: We’ve disabled DHL as shipping option during checkout until VKB HQ confirms that DHL is available again.


UPDATE (Jan 12, 2022)

VKB HQ contacted us once again to inform us that due to a COVID case at the customs declaration office, neither FedEx nor DHL are currently able to ship orders until approximately Jan 17, 2022!

VKB HQ keeps monitoring the situation closely and they will keep us informed of any changes.

Once again, thank you for your understanding.


Jan 11, 2022:

VKB HQ has let us know that due to increased COVID measures over in Shenzhen, China, FedEx is currently unavailable to pick up parcels at that location. This affects VKB HQ’s shipping dept’s operations.

As a consequence, all currently processing orders will ship with DHL, even if FedEx was selected during checkout.

With that in mind, VKB HQ asked me to disable the option to select FedEx during checkout for the time being, leaving DHL the only carrier currently available for new orders.

VKB HQ is monitoring the situation closely. Once resolved and FedEx is able to operate normally again, we will re-enable FedEx during checkout once more.

Thank you for your understanding.

Until next time,

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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Hi guys,

Here’s to a joyful, successful, and healthy new year 2022. We here at hope that all your dreams, wishes, and goals come true – onwards and upwards!

Until next time,

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Black Friday Sale Inbound!

Hi guys,

The 2021 VKB Black Friday Sale is upon us.

We’re offering 5% off of VKB Controllers (Gladiator & Gunfighter Joysticks, GNX Modules & Module Combos, and T-Rudders), as well as our VKB UCM Stonghold Mounts (Stand-Alone & Combo Sets) for this 2021 Black Friday Sale here at

This Sale is live from Nov 25th through Nov 29th, 2021.

Sale applies to item prices only; sale does not apply to shipping fees.

Until next time,

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Pre-Assembled THQ-Based Setups are Here!

Hi guys,

VKB HQ has assembled GNX-THQ-based Combo Sets that combine one or more THQ, SEM or FSM-GA into a complete unit.

Even though these GNX Combo Sets will compliment and expand any existing Gladiator NXT setup, a joystick is not required for these sets to work. Each one comes with a GNX USB Controller pre-installed, allowing them to be used as stand-alone controller set, or alongside any existing joystick.

Gladiator NXT Throttle Combos are available now!

Until next time,

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Updated VKBDevCfg, Bootloader & Gladiator NXT Firmware with added GNX Module Support

Hi guys,

VKB HQ released an updated version of their configuration software VKBDevCfg v0.92.11, with support for GNX Modules (SEM, SEM-V, THQ, THQ-V, and FSM-GA).

Furthermore, they also released an updated version of their ZBootloader (v.2.0) and Gladiator NXT firmware v2.08.0.3 that adds support for GNX Modules as well.

Be sure to grab these updates from our Downloads page!

Also, be sure to watch the GNX Software & Hardware Video Guides for GNX Modules on VKB’s official YouTube Channel as well, as configuring GNX Modules requires a bit of tinkering!

Until next time,