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Gladiator Mk.II & Gladiator Pro Mk.II Now Shipping!

Those of you who ordered a Gladiator Mk.II, a Gladiator Pro Mk.II, and/or a TM Warthog Adapter for Gladiator Pro, will be happy to hear that they will start shipping this week directly from VKB HQ now that the Chinese New Year vacation is over.

I will be updating your order status with a DHL tracking number as soon as I receive them from VKB.


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Updated Software for VKB-Sim T-Rudder Mk.IV

VKB-Sim has released updated software to enable the virtual toe-brake option for their new T-Rudder Mk.IVs. These updated software items include:

  • New VKBdevCfg configuration utility
  • New T-Link software to configure virtual toe-brakes (beta version)
  • New BlackBox USB Controller Firmware
  • New T-Rudder Profiles (default, and T-Link enabled)

You can find these new software downloads on the T-Rudder Mk.IV product page.

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Welcome to VKB-Sim North America!

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With this website and storefront, VKB-Sim is offering North American customers a place to purchase the highly sought-after VKB-Sim controllers and accessories.

All future announcements regarding the availability of VKB items in the US and Canada will be made here – and on VKB-Sim’s official forum as well.

VKB-Sim North America – Home of VKB gear in the US and Canada!