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‘TM Warthog Adapter for Gunfighter’ Primer

Hi Guys,

now that the Gunfighter shipping is in full swing over at VKB HQ, I thought I’d reach out to those of you who have a Gunfighter variant with TM Warthog Adapter coming their way:

  • Please be VERY careful when working on both taking the TM Warthog grip apart and reassembling it again after the fact.
  • The tiny VKB TM Warthog Adapter wires can easily get caught between the sharp edges of the TM Warthog grip halves, and even – unbeknownst to you, end up in the way of the screws when putting the TM grip back together!
  • You don’t want your TM Adapter wires to be cut in half or mauled by a screw!
  • Hint: What I did for my Mamba Mk.III w/ TM Warthog Adapter: I’ve used simple scotch tape to tape the flimsy TM Warthog Adapter wires down so they wouldn’t move while putting back the TM grip halves. 

With this said, here’s a link to a ‘TM Warthog Adapter for Gunfighter Quick Guide‘ that I’ve put together so you can see what’s on your plate when you start taking things apart to get your Warthog grip ready for your shiny new Gunfighter…

Please read it, comprehend it, and head over to the VKB Official Support Forums for help if the need arises!

Other useful links:

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Some Modern Combat Grip (MCG) News

VKB HQ shared with me that they’re planning to ship three versions of the Modern Combat Grip (MCG):

  1. Modern Combat Grip – MCG (as already announced) – $99
    • Features 22 programmable buttons
  2. Modern Combat Grip – MCG TM Edition (new!) – $130
    • Directly compatible with TM Warthog ™ and TM Cougar ™ bases
    • Features 23 programmable buttons
  3. Modern Combat Grip – MCG Pro (new!) – $140
    • Analog brake design
    • Folding trigger with contactless MaRS sensors
    • Different hat designs included with different shapes to be customized by the user
    • Features 27 programmable buttons

Stay tuned for more MCG news and updated renders as soon!

Until next time,

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Gunfighter Delays – Some News

I learned that we can expect another 2-3 weeks of delay until the Gunfighters finally start shipping. We’re very sorry about these delays and VKB HQ works their tails off in order to get the Gunfighters ready for delivery!

This delay is the result of a single supplier who had to re-design the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), and these will still have to be FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and CE (Conformité Européene) certified. This overall process is what’s taking so long currently.

Again, feel free to contact me for a refund if you don’t want to wait any longer for your Gunfighter order to ship!

Until next time,


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Modern Combat Grip (MCG) Newsflash

VKB has been looking at feedback on the various discussion forums regarding the lack of a pinky switch on the MCG.

Because of your feedback, the MCG will now receive that much desired extra button. However, due to the design of the MCG’s grip handle, it might have to move up and to the side, but you will get that extra button on the grip!

Also, the 2-way switch on the right side of the MCG’s head (meant for your index finger) will be redesigned as 4-way switch!

PS: The (tentative) ordering date for the MCG is April 30, 2017.

Until next time!


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Introducing the VKB-Sim ‘Modern Combat Grip’ (MCG)

Download the PDF

(Shenzhen, PRC / Norman, Oklahoma USA / Utrecht, The Netherlands) – March 16, 2017

VKB-Sim ‘Modern Combat Grip’ (MCG)

VKB is proud to announce the production launch of the VKB-SimModern Combat Grip’ (MCG).

This controller was developed by AVIAAVTOMATIKA in Russia for Sukhoi’s modernized ‘Flanker’ series of fighter jets, as well as their 5th generation prototypes.
VKB engineers adapted the ergonomics of the real ‘Flanker’ grip for the use in flight simulations with only minimal design changes.

The VKB-Sim Modern Combat Grip (MCG) is compatible with the following controllers:

  • VKB-Sim Black/Fat Mamba Mk.II/Mk.III
  • VKB-Sim Vintage Mamba
  • VKB-Sim Gladiator Pro Mk.I/Mk.II
  • VKB-Sim Gunfighter
  • Thrustmaster® Cougar™ * **
  • Thrustmaster® Warthog™ * **

* To ensure compatibility with the Thrustmaster® controller base, the MCG’s axes controls (ministicks/brake axis) will function as hat switch/buttons only

** Via adapter, sold separately

MCG Grip Characteristics:

  • Made from ABS plastic (injection molding)
  • OMRON” Buttons
  • Contactless Ministicks (analog or digital) for Slew Control w/ integrated Push Button
  • Trigger #1: Dual Stage Trigger
  • Trigger #2: Metal Trigger
  • Metal Wheel Brake Lever with Contactless MaRS Sensor
  • Adjustable Palm Rest
  • Quick Release Fastening
  • External Twist Adapter (currently under development)

VKB-Sim ‘Modern Combat Grip’ (MCG) Production Status:

  • The development phase has been completed
  • The production run of the injection molds is slated for April 2017
  • We’re aiming to start shipping towards the end of May, beginning of June, 2017


  • MSRP $99 (plus shipping and tax (where applicable))

For more information, please contact:
Until next time,

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Damaged Parcel from DHL (or other carriers)?

We had a couple of reports of damaged parcels delivered to VKB customers; in light of these events, here are some notes for you to consider if that’s the case:

Please do not simply accept any obviously damaged packages from DHL (or respective carrier used); instead:

  • Sign the delivery receipt as “DAMAGED”
  • Take note of all damages; if only one item is notated damaged, more than likely the carrier will only refund that one item; be specific as to what has bee damaged
  • Take photos of the damage
  • In cases where the driver will not let you sign or check for damages, refuse the parcel!


  • File a claim with your local DHL (or respective carrier) office
  • The local carrier should then provide you with a damage claim reference number
  • This reference number can be send to VKB to get a replacement shipped out to you asap

Thank you!

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Your Gunfighter Orders

Hi guys,
Just a quick status update on your Gunfighter orders:

  • All of your Gunfighter orders have been submitted to VKB HQ, and VKB are currently processing these; it’s now in their hands.
  • At the time of this writing, the shipping status hasn’t changed, and everything is still on track for a March 2017 delivery. I will keep you informed as soon new information presents itself.
  • NOTE: Please be aware that your order will remain in “Processing” status until I receive a DHL tracking number from VKB HQ! I will then update your ordering status with that tracking number and complete your order-in-progress.

Thank you!

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Quick Update on the Gunfighter Ordering

Hi Guys,

just to let you know – I will take the Gunfighters offline at, and will have them automatically come back online with the option to order on Feb 28, at 00:01 CST (Central Standard Time). So don’t worry if you don’t see them until then – nothing has changed! 🙂

From there on out, go ahead and place your Gunfighter orders as you would order any other product there.

Available for ordering will be:

  • Gunfighter Base Only
  • Gunfighter (tabletop)
  • Gunfighter Pro
  • TM Warthog Adapter for Gunfighter


  • MSRP prices are listed without delivery cost in the webshop; delivery cost is added during the checkout process for your respective country!
  • All deliveries will be made with DHL, unless otherwise mentioned later in the process (usually I know by the time I have your tracking numbers).

Few pointers to consider:

  • Gunfighter shipping is still slated for some time in March
  • VKB HQ will drop ship from China directly to your door when shipping starts – signature usually required
  • If unforeseen delays are encountered by VKB HQ for any reasons that will impact Gunfighter delivery, I will let you know asap
  • If any potential delays are longer than expected, feel free to request a full refund of your purchase cost; I will act quickly and you will get your money back asap for you to reorder at a later date

Until next time!

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VKBdevCfg – Lite

VKB provided a lite version of their in-depth VKBdevCfg software for those among us who do not need (or want) the full set of options and tools available in that device configuration software.

The VKBdevCfg-Lite version allows you to perform the following, basic functions for your VKB Device:

  • Load/Save Profiles
  • Run the Boot Loader
  • Calibrate your VKB Device

Download it here: