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Small batch of Gunfighter/Gunfighter Pro available now

Hi Guys,

due to the current demand, VKB HQ allotted another small batch of 20 Gunfighter / Gunfighter Pro to – available for ordering now. This also means that the Extension Kit for Gunfighter is back as well for the time being, and so is the TM Warthog Adapter for Gunfighter.

As usual, these quantities won’t last long, so you might want to jump onto this opportunity if you were waiting for Gunfighters to show up again.

In other news:

  • The MCG, MCG-TM and MCG-Pro date has slipped into September 2017, and VKB HQ shared their projected prices for them with me: MCG=$99 (already known for some time), MCG-TM=$140, and MCG-Pro=$160. Keep in mind that theses prices might still be adjusted as production gets closer to completion.
  • No news on the availability/pricing of the MCG-MG for legacy 5-pin controllers and the MCG 5-pin to 3-pin adapters just yet; I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.
  • Rather soon, we will announce a left-handed version of the MCG to complement the MCG series of grips. This is geared for space simulation pilots and their desire to have a complete VKB HOSAS solution. Stay tuned!
  • After the first MCG production run, VKB HQ will shift focus onto the Modern Throttle Control System (M-TCS), which is fully modular in design. I’ve seen the latest renders and I am speechless. We hope to announce the M-TCS around August 2017.

That’s all I got for now. For those of you in the US, Happy Fourth of July!

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Gladiator Mk.II Back In Stock

Hi Guys,

For those of you who have been waiting for the VKB Gladiator Mk.II to be finally back in stock, today’s the day. According to VKB HQ, there’s plenty of stock available to last for some time, which is good news. Go here to order your Gladiator Mk.II.

Until next time,

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Gunfighter Base Only – Discontinued

Hi Guys,

VKB HQ has discontinued the Gunfighter Base Only product, as they would prefer to deliver “ready to use” products only at this time (this means a workable stick including a base and the default KG12 grip). If you’re planning on using a TM Warthog or MCG grip with a Gunfighter product, please choose the Gunfighter (tabletop) variant for that purpose.

All Gunfighter Base Only orders that have been placed up until now will of course be delivered to you as expected – so no worries there.

After today, however, the Gunfighter Base Only is no longer available for purchase. This does not affect the Gunfighter (tabletop) or the Gunfighter Pro availability.

Sorry for any inconvenience this decision might cause.

Until next time,

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Gunfighters Back In Stock – May 31

Hi Guys,

VKB HQ has allotted more Gunfighters for starting Wednesday May 31, 2017. This includes the Gunfighter (tabletop), Gunfighter Pro, and Gunfighter Base Only variants, as well as the TM Warthog Adapter for Gunfighter.

In addition, two new Gunfighter related accessories will be available from that date as well: The Gunfighter Extension Kit, and the Gunfighter Small Base Plate. These items are meant for users who want to retrofit their non-Pro Gunfighters with these parts.

So if you’ve been waiting for a chance to grab yourself a VKB Gunfighter, here it is. All items listed above will be in stock for delivery starting May 31.

Until next time,

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Updated VKBdevCfg

Hi guys,

VKB HQ has released a new version of the VKBdevCfg configuration software. You can find it here.

  • Note: This release addresses a bug that prevented the Gunfighter’s BlackBox green “Stick” LED to work unless the user was in “developer mode”.

Until next time,

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Updated Gunfighter KG12 Grip Profile with 12 Buttons

Hi Guys,

If you’re using the Gunfighter with KG12 grip, you might like this: VKB HQ has released an updated KG12 grip profile that enables the pinky switch to be a shift button, so you can have up to 12 buttons when rocking that KG12 grip.

Get it here; download and unzip.

How to Install:

  1. Run VKBdevCfg, click on your device name to make it active
  2. From the Action tab, click on “Load”
  3. From the Action tab, click on “Set” and confirm the dialog box
  4. The VKBDevCfg sofware will restart your device
  5. Done! 12 programmable buttons to use in your favorite sim

Note: When pressing and holding the pinky switch, while at the same time pressing the trigger – for example, the trigger has a different function than the trigger would have without the pinky switch depressed. This goes for all of the other KG12 buttons; you can program different functions based on them being switched/unswitched.

Until next time,

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An Early Look at the VKB-Sim MCG Pro

Download the PDF

(Shenzhen, PRC / Norman, Oklahoma, USA / Utrecht, The Netherlands) – May 8, 2017

Modern Combat Grips

In the last Modern Combat Grip announcement, VKB highlighted the three different variants of the MCG currently in development:

  • The baseline MCG (14 programmable buttons, 5 analog axes)

  • The MCG TM (23 programmable buttons, compatible with Thrustmaster® Warthog™ and Cougar™ bases)

  • The MCG Pro (24 programmable buttons, 6 analog axes)

The VKB-Sim MCG Pro

As a reminder, here are the MCG Pro specific highlights:

  • Right-hand grip design

  • 24 programmable buttons; 6 analog axes

  • Compatible with VKB-Sim Gladiator Pro Mk.II, and Gunfighter controllers

  • Metal Folding Trigger – Button + Contactless Sensor (axis); programmable

  • User-swappable thumb button on grip (either simple push button, or 4-way switch with push); programmable

MCG Pro Production Status:

Initial Mockup Ready for Testing

Here are a few impressions of the MCG Pro mockup attached to the VKB Gladiator Pro Mk.II base, as well as the VKB Gunfighter (with and without extension):

Click on each image for a full-size version.

VKB MCG Pro initial mockup with Gladiator Pro Mk.II Base:
VKB MCG Pro initial mockup with Gunfighter Base:
VKB MCG Pro initial mockup with Gunfighter Base (with Extension):

The next step in the MCG Pro Production:

Based on this initial MCG mockup, VKB HQ will make a few changes to the following items based on their evaluation and testing:

  • Folding trigger shape

  • Microstick shape

  • Brake lever shape

  • Minor adjustments to grip shape

Once these changes have been finalized, VKB HQ will make a final version of the mockup, and, if everything checks out, launches the tooling process to get production underway.

About MCG Compatibility:

VKB HQ is planning a special edition of the MCG – the ‘MCG MG’ with a 5-pin connector. This version will allow backward compatibility with older generation VKB-Sim controllers, such as:

  • Black/Fat Mamba Mk.II / Mk.III

  • Vintage Mamba

  • Gladiator Pro Mk.I

  • KingCobra Mk.IV

Besides having a 5-pin connector, the MCG MG is no different than its 3-pin counterparts – MCG MG (14 programmable buttons, 5 analog axes) and MCG MG Pro (24 programmable buttons, 6 analog axes).

This solution is still up for discussion at VKB HQ, as there’s another option: instead of offering the MCG MG variant with 5-pin connector built in, an adapter could be made available instead.

Such adapter would allow the 3-pin MCG to be adapted to the aforementioned older controllers. However, an adapter would add around 20mm to the overall height of the MCG grip – which might not be the most desired outcome.

Please share your thoughts on what you would prefer in this dedicated VKB Forum Thread.

Until next time,

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Gunfighter Service Announcement

Hi Guys,

With the help of Gunfighter owner ‘tecman69’, VKB HQ was able to identify a potential issue that could affect the Gunfighter’s x-axis dry clutch damper; the screws that hold down the dust cover are 2 mm too long and could add unwanted friction.

To resolve this, please go ahead and loosen the two forward screws of the Gunfighter’s dust cover by 1-2 full turns (see image above). This should take care of it!

Until next time,