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Some delays…

Hi guys,

VKB HQ told me that they didn’t have managed to manufacture enough inventory to satisfy all current pre-orders for:

  • Gunfighter/Pro Mk.II + MCG/MCG PRO combos,
  • Gunfighter/Pro Mk.II+ KG12 combos,
  • Gunfighter Mk.II Base  Only,
  • as well as certain accessory items, such as TM Warthog adapters and Extension kits for Gunfighter Mk.I/Mk.II.

The same delays are affecting the following items:

  • Stand-alone MCG PRO grips for Gunfighter Mk.I,
  • Stand-alone MCG/MCG PRO grips for Gunfighter Mk.II,
  • Stand-alone MCG/MCG PRO grips for Gladiator Pro Mk.I and Mk.II, Fat Mamba, Black Mamba and Vintage Mamba.

For all of the above, VKB HQ asked me to push the release date back to February 25 (after the Chinese New Year).

On the upside, there are plenty of stand-alone MCG (non-PRO) grips available for the Gunfighter Mk.I (3-pin original – aka Rev.A) – which are available for ordering now.

Until next time,