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Updated: New Gunfighter Mk.I and Mk.II Firmware available from VKB (18-Jan-2018)

*** UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK 18-Jan-2018 ***

Hi guys,

VKB released updated firmware to better support the Gunfighter Mk. I and Mk.II with MCG/MCG PRO and KG12 grips. The MCG and MCG PRO firmware also supports KG12 grips, which is convenient if you regularly swap your grips between WWII-style sims (KG12) and modern/space sims (MCG) without having to change firmware every time.

Click here to download the new firmware (1.92.1).

  • If you own a Gunfighter/Pro Mk.II + MCG/MCG PRO bundle, please update to this latest firmware.
  • If you own a Gunfighter/Pro Mk.I and have a new MCG/MCG PRO, please update to this latest firmware.
  • For the Gunfighter Mk.II + KG12 bundles to be shipping very soon, this new firmware should be already included.

There are 3 files in the firmware’s zip archive; choose the one you need and extract it to your VKBdevCfg directory:

  • Support for GF-MCG
  • Support for GF-MCG PRO
  • Support for GF-KG12

Note: Remember that “support” does NOT mean anything like “switch the grips, and go on flying in less than 30 seconds”. No, it means “switch the grips, re-assign the grips in VKBdevCfg, load the profile (if applicable), and then go on flying”.

Note: Do not forget to set your Gunfighter to “default” after each firmware update, and then re-calibrate the stick afterwards.

Note:  Updated VKBdevCfg software to support this new firmware release is available as well – click here to download (this new version includes the Default button).

Please refer to this Howto on how to update firmware, set your device to default, and to calibrate your device.

Until next time,