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Change to future Pre-Ordering – no more “Pay Later” Option

Hi guys,

just to let you know: for all future pre-ordering, I will disable the “pay later” option, simply because it doesn’t jive with how VKB HQ processes pre-orders.

Here’s how VKB HQ operates with pre-orders in mind:

  • When pre-orders go live (i.e., they get charged), VKB HQ asks me to stop further ordering for the respective product to prevent any non-pre-orders customers to add to the overall bulk of orders so that VKB HQ can focus on getting pre-orders out first.
  • Once pre-orders are shipped, VKB HQ allows me to open up ordering again so non-pre-order customers can order, too.

With the “pay later” option enabled, me stopping ordering also prevents “pay later” customers from paying, which is understandably frustrating for everyone involved, as customers would have to contact me individually so I can open up orders for them to allow them to pay individually as well.

Lesson learned,  and taking “pay later” out of the question should help take care of that. All future pre-orders will be automatically charged to a customer’s credit/debit card by default, and as the only option for pre-ordering.

Until next time,