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MCG and Gunfighter pre-Ordering starts October 1, 2017

Hi Guys, 

Good news – pre-ordering for the next batch of VKB Gunfighters and a select choice of MCG grips will start October 1, 2017.

I prepared with the new lineup of products – so have a look around:

I will keep you updated about the development of the other MCGs (5-pin and left-hand versions), as well as the Twist Adapters availability as I learn more. I also hope to have a final MCG announcement out around October 1 – so stay tuned for more info soon. 

NOTE: Pre-ordering is contingent upon having received final pricing from VKB HQ prior to October 1, as well as having received a good ETA for shipment to start from VKB HQ. Worst case, pre-ordering could slip by a few days. 
NOTE: When pre-ordering, your credit/debit card will not be charged until the product is available for shipping from VKB HQ; if the shipping date gets delayed, the pre-ordering plugin allows me to push back the shipping date without affecting your pre-order status. 

Until next time,