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No More Base-Only – Kosmosima Grip Clarification

Let’s assume VKB HQ will not sell Base-Only products anymore – ever.

Hi guys,

after having learned that some of you jumped right onto a Kosmosima stand-alone grip to hold out for VKB HQ to maybe/hopefully release a Gunfighter or Gladiator Pro base-only variant in the near future, please don’t!
Rather, assume that VKB HQ will not ever again sell a base-only product; in fact, last time I added a base-only option in anticipation of a new batch, I was told by VKB HQ to remove it.

With that in mind, if you have purchased your Kosmosima stand-alone grip without already owning a compatible VKB joystick whose grip you can replace with that shiny new Kosmosima, you might want to consider contacting me for a full refund asap – and wait just a little longer for the complete Gunfighter Mk.II ‘Space Combat Edition’ joystick to be available for ordering.

(To those of you who purchased Kosmosima grips because you already own a compatible VKB joystick – good on you. Just stand by for VKB HQ to start shipping them out.)

Addendum for additional clarification: 

If you want a complete joystick, don’t piece it together by buying a stand-alone grip as soon as it’s available, and then end up waiting on some form of stand-alone base that might or might be offered by VKB. Stand-alone bases by themselves are not complete products and don’t offer any functionality unless combined with a grip (base + grip = joystick) anyway, so you should just aim to buy a complete joystick to begin with. Since VKB is in the market to sell complete joysticks first and foremost, buying a complete joystick allows you to receive a fully usable product with a single purchase.

Stand-alone grips, on the other hand, are really only meant for those users who already own a compatible VKB joystick and wish to replace the original grip with another one.

Until next time,