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VKB Kosmosima is Coming

Hi guys,

just a little announcement: the long-awaited Kosmosima Space Combat Grip (SCG) is coming! Expected release date is End of January 2019 some time after the Chinese New Year break (no ETA).

Kosmosima will be sold as Stand-Alone grip, and as complete joystick as part of the Gunfighter Mk.II ‘Space Combat Edition’ variant. The grip comes in both left- and right-hand variants, and features a built-in, lockable twist axis.

Further information and details about the Kosmosima’s options and variants can be gleaned from the respective store pages linked above. You may also click the ‘Join Waitlist’ button to get notified once the selected variant is ready to order.

Finally, click to view the Kosmosima announcement (PDF) for additional tidbits of information; if you have questions about the grip, its variants and availability, please use the Kosmosima thread over at the VKB HQ forums.

Until next time,