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‘Get Notified’ Option Added

Hi guys,

we’ve added a “Get Notified” option that would enable you go get email notifications as soon as a product that is currently out of stock will be added for ordering. This, in addition to our existing newsletter, should be able to cover all aspects of not missing out on any VKB products.

  • The “Get Notified” button shows up right next to the “Add to Cart” button when a product is out of stock
  • By default, the notification plugin will use your registered customer email (but you can change that)
  • You’ll get an automated email as soon as the item is back in stock

Note: This is an automated service for your convenience to receive timely product availability notifications. This is not any form of pre-order, you will not be charged; however, this also means that the product is not reserved in your name.

Until next time,