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Virtual United Air Festival 2018 – VKB Giveaway

Hi Guys,

VKB HQ asked me to share this with everyone:

VKB Giveaway

This year we have teamed up with VKB to bring both Pilots and Spectators the best possible airshow experience. VKB provide some of the best quality flight simulation hardware on the market, boasting well designed, durable, realistic and aesthetic products.

VKB have kindly provided us with $750 worth of flight simulation equipment to giveaway:

  • Gunfighter Pro Mk.II ($399) | Includes either MCG or MCG Pro grip.
  • T-Rudder Pedals Mk.IV ($244)
  • Gladiator Mk.II ($99)

We have decided to giveaway the two sticks (one entry level, one advanced) in a public competition. The rudder pedals will be contested for by the solo acts performing this year. At the end of the show weekend, the solo pilot with the most votes will be rewarded.

Here’s the URL:

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