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VKB Kosmosima Space Combat Grip Sneak Peek

Hi guys,

UIV, VKB owner and chief engineer, has dropped a little sneak peek yesterday, and since it’s out in the open now, here are a couple of teaser images of the VKB Kosmosima SCG (Space Combat Grip).

Please be aware that this is not an official announcement, but a little something to see for those that have been waiting for the Kosmosima design to be revealed:

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)

A few key points of info I was given so far about the Kosmosima grip:

  • Comes in both left- and right-handed versions (SCG-L and SCG-R)
  • Both have a contactless twist adapter built-in by default (can be hard-locked via screw)
  • Compatible with Gunfighter and Gladiator Pro bases
  • Both have two LED indicators; one single-color, the second RGB (operation of the LED indicators can be customized via software)
  • Both have dual-stage triggers
  • All hat switches on both grips have push functionality, and one can toggle between analog/digital mode via long push
  • Both come with a detachable palm rest
  • Planned retail price is less than $99 (per grip)

Please be aware that I don’t have any further info and details at this time (and no ETA). Once I get more updates down the line, I will try and keep everyone informed.

Fell free to discuss the Kosmosima sneak peek on the official VKB forum.

Until next time,