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Some Items Back in Stock

Hi guys,

MCG and MCG PRO stand-alone grips are finally back in stock at VKB’s warehouse, ready to ship starting next week.

Here’s the current MCG series lineup available again now:

  • MCG for Gunfighter Mk.I (RUS label only)
  • MCG for Gunfighter Mk.II (RUS label only)
  • MCG for Gladiator Pro Mk.II (RUS label only)
  • MCG PRO for Gunfighter Mk.I (ENG label only)
  • MCG PRO for Gunfighter Mk.II (ENG label only)
  • MCG PRO for Gladiator Pro Mk.II (ENG label only)

In case you’re wondering: I have currently no updated information on the availability of MCG grips for Mamba, Gladiator Pro Mk.I or the TMW base (all 5-pin) at this time. 

Gunfighter Mk.II Extension Kits are also back, ready to ship next week.
I have no updated info on the availability of Extension Kits for Gunfighter Mk.I at this time.

In other news:

  • The ‘Gladiator Upgrade Kit Lite’ will have to be pushed back one more time because of the need for a new type of spring, designed to overcome the additional resistance of the installed upgrade kit. More info sometime next week, once I hear more from VKB HQ on this. 
  • End of June still holds for the availability of Gunfighter/Gunfighter Pro Mk.II w/ MCG/MCG PRO/KG12 grips.
  • Mid-July looks good for the availability of Gladiator Pro Mk.II with MCG/MCG PRO/KG12 grips.
  • Updated firmware for Gunfighter (bug fixes and enhancements), and new firmware for Gladiator to support the MCG series of grips, should be available shortly.
  • And, in case you haven’t heard, VKB HQ did a sneak peek of the Kosmosima SCG (Space Combat Grip); click here to have a look.

As always, I will send out additional newsletters as soon as I get newsworthy updates from the developers at VKB HQ.

Until next time,