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Gladiator Mk.II and T-Rudder Mk.IV back in stock

Hi guys,

VKB HQ told me earlier today that they are working hard to get inventory back into the VKB webshops, and today’s headline basically reads that both the Gladiator Mk.II and the T-Rudders Mk.IV are back in stock – ready to ship from VKB’s warehouse.

That said, expect this (and future) batches to be much larger and not selling out as quickly as they did before (VKB HQ’s move into a larger facility in April seems to be paying off).

In other news:

  • MCG/MCG PRO grips for Gunfighter Mk.I/II should be available later this month;
  • MCG/MCG PRO grips for Gladiator Pro Mk.I/II should be available later this month;
  • The Gladiator Upgrade Kit Lite should release this month as well;
  • Gunfighter Mk.II (Pro/Tabletop variants), and stand-alone Extension Kits should be available in the first half of July.

That’s all I got for now; I will send out additional newsletters as I receive newsworthy updates from VKB HQ. I know you’re still waiting to hear on the VKB Twist Adapter, left-hand grip design, and other tidbits. I hope to have more on those sometime soon.

Until next time,