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New and improved Support Ticket System

Hi guys,

just some quick internal news about the webshop:

I’ve recently installed a new support ticket system into the site based on “Freshdesk“, which seems to work really well. It does intergrate nicely into your customer dashboard, too.

This means that all you need to do in order to get support for a specific VKB product you bought here at is to: a) find the respective VKB product’s order info from within your “Order” page, and b) select “Get Help” from there.

This allows you to enter some initial problem description, and it will generate a ticket for me to work from. There is no need to provide any proof of purchase or serial number, as it is directly from your dashboard. … kinda neat. 🙂

Once the ticket is live, you can always return to your “Dashboard” to access it (needless to say, the system will also email you about updates and repsonses to your ticket instantly).

Until next time,