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About your MCG/MCG PRO pre-orders

Hi guys,

VKB HQ have completed their move into their new, larger facility and told me yesterday that they are ramping up production for all currently pending products towards the end of May. This does not mean that all products will be ready for ordering at the same time, as some will likely trickle into June/July (just to err on the side of caution).

In preparation for all this, I have canceled these long-standing MCG/MCG PRO pre-orders. Not only are they hogging the SKUs (stock keeping units) I need to use in order to make some changes to the products descriptions and how they are displayed on the webshop, they also lingered on for way too long in my opinion (I am sure you agree).

This is nothing to worry about; it’s just me wanting to update the webshop a little so once VKB HQ provides fresh batches of products, customers should be able to select them from the redesigned product selection options for standard ordering once available.

As soon as I have more concrete availability dates from VKB HQ, I will finally be able to send out a newsworthy newsletter once more.

Thank you for your understanding.

Until next time,