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VKB HQ on Stand-Alone Bases

Hi guys,

VKB HQ’s AeroGator shared this little statement on the official VKB forum (source

Hello Pilots, we’ve been receiving increasingly many questions on the topic.


YES I double confirm we are going to sell the bases separately.
NO I double confirm I will not disclose the date we will do it.
WHY?? – indeed, a fully legitimate question.
BECAUSE there is still a solid chance of force majeure, and although we were lucky and wise making timely provisions at the very first signs of coming trouble in January, let’s not forget the virus is still at large, and supply chains can be interrupted any moment .
Sept 1, 2020 – As for right now, I believe it is safe to say we will roll standalone bases out before the kids go to school. If there is no major disturbance, maybe earlier. In case of trouble, maybe a bit (not a lot) later.

There will be no update on this release until the dealers have green light from us, and the standalone bases appear in their shops.

Please don’t nudge the cook: it won’t bring the steak earlier! We want to serve you the bases no less than you want to put your hands on them.

To make waiting less boring, let me tell you that there will be TM-optimized bases (adapter + pre-flashed FW) coming at the same time with “normal” ones. Also, there will be no “just base, without a blackbox” option: all bases will have blackboxes as part of the set.

Enjoy your time flying, and please stay tuned!

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