Why does it takes a week (or longer) for some items to ship?

VKB HQ doesn’t keep variable products (e.g., a Gunfighter with swappable, custom grip) on the shelves, as they prefer to “assemble to order (ATO)” them, based on the level of variations possible. Mind you, bases and grips have already been manufactured separately before we got the green light to open up ordering; they just haven’t been picked and bundled until you order. 

That said, bespoke products, such as the Gunfighter series, can be equipped with different grips, and each grip has its own unique firmware requirement and comes with a list of extra parts that need to be properly gathered per order before they ship out.

VKB HQ usually allow themselves 5-7 business days (not counting weekends and holidays) for bespoke controllers to be fully tested, readily flashed, and finally boxed up for shipping, and VKB HQ’s shipping dept prefers to ship out everything in bulk, which might add a day or two to the overall process – per their own internal logistics.

In contrast, Gladiator Mk.IIs and T-Rudder Mk.IVs are “off-the-shelf” items that only exist in one variation – and, as such, are “made to stock (MTS)”, and thus can be simply grabbed and shipped, usually within a day after ordering.

Hope this helps a little to shine a light on the process.