What are ‘Clutch Dampers’ available in the VKB Gunfighter?

Adjustable dampers allow the user to change the friction of the stick’s movement along its way of travel independently for each axis (roll and pitch).

  • With this feature, the Gunfighter series of controllers will enhance the overall feeling of VKB sticks even further – the Gunfighter’s stick movement feels “heavier”, and the added friction prevents oscillations when letting go of the stick.
  • By adjusting these dampers, a user could thus overcome a spring-loaded stick’s tendency to return back to center – which might be especially useful during helicopter flight (or wherever else desired). With the right amount of friction dialed in, the stick will stay put where the user wants it to stay – even off-center! At the same time, it might be necessary to increase the spring tension by using a heavier spring per axis to overcome some of the friction these dampers provide.

A user’s goal should be to find the right balance between damper friction and spring tension to suit his or her needs.

Here’s a quick video that shows the effect of the dry clutch damper on the pitch axis: