What about VKB product ETAs and release announcements?

VKB North America (via VKBcontrollers.com), as instructed by VKB HQ, will no longer announce estimated release dates of products currently in development.

The reason is that any PLANNED estimate given by VKB HQ Рwhich is also relayed on various forums and VKB partner sites, will be taken out of context by those who perceive them as a PROMISE given by VKB to release on a guaranteed date. As we all know, a plan is not a promise, and an estimate is not a guarantee Рespecially when it comes to designing and manufacturing complex hardware, and then developing the software that drives it.

That said, if estimates slip and delays are announced, some forum trolls come out of the woodwork and find joy in spreading damaging drivel about VKB online.

Therefore, VKB HQ decided to remain silent about release dates for products in development; instead, an official announcement will be made once the respective product is available and ready to ship.