My order is still processing, so can I make changes or cancel?

Not necessarily.

Your order remains Processing until we enter the tracking number received from VKB’s shipping dept. However, the time between those events (receiving tracking info and entering it into your order page) may vary, and that doesn’t mean that orders can still be changed (or canceled) while they appear as processing.

Your order may show Processing here on your customer dashboard at, but VKB’s shipping dept in China could have already packaged the order, printed a shipping label, and generated a tracking number for you – which we just haven’t received yet.

Not having received a tracking number yet is not indicative of the actual order status over at VKB’s shipping dept – please keep that in mind.

In fact, your order will still say Processing until we manually enter your tracking number and mark your order as Complete – which will then trigger an automatic email to you with the tracking number inside.

Long story short, within 8 hrs after ordering, we usually can make changes to orders or cancel orders in behalf of customers requests; after that, it’s usually too late as VKB’s shipping dept is doing their best to get the order dispatched as soon as possible.

Please also refer to this FAQ entry and this Terms & Conditions snippet as well.