How to calibrate your Gladiator Mk.II (non-Pro)

Note: Don’t use the MS Windows calibration utility! If you did, you will have to first reset your joystick using the same MS calibration tool; once done, continue with the steps below:

All Gladiator joysticks come with a “non-software” calibration function; here’s how to use it:

  1. Plug your Gladiator into a USB port
  2. Within 10 seconds, press both EJECT+Flaps buttons simultaneously
  3. The stick goes into calibration mode (LED starts flashing)
  4. Calibrate by moving all axes (pitch, roll, yaw & throttle) through their full ranges
  5. Press the trigger (the joystick will restart)

Done; your joystick is calibrated. Calibration is required only one time (calibration data is saved in joystick memory).

As a side note, you could always use either VKB WIZZO Config Software — or — VKBDevCfg Config Software for calibration, if you prefer.