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New Accessory: Blackbox-to-Gunfighter Replacement Cable

Hi guys,

there have been some requests for some time now about longer Blackbox-to-Gunfighter replacement cables, and VKB HQ finally agreed to making them available for VKB North America customers as well.

Available cable lengths are:

  • 25 cm (10 inch),
  • 50 cm (1.6 ft), and
  • 100 cm (3.3 ft).

Here’s a link to the product page: Blackbox-to-Gunfighter Replacement Cable

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Concluded – Virtual United Air Festival 2018 – VKB Giveaway

Hi guys,

a little delayed, but here’s the closing statement from the folks over at VUAF:

The Virtual United Air Festival 2018, sponsored by VKB Simulations came to an exciting close on the 21st October, as the Virtual Thunderbirds ( touched down after an exhilarating weekend of precision virtual aerobatics and formation flying. The show, hosted by Chris ‘Striker’ Curtis (former Patriots Jet Team narrator), accommodated some of the biggest names in the virtual aerobatics community, with the Virtual Red Arrows ( closing day one with a spectacular display.

After a brilliant array of displays, and an interview with Heatblur Simulations (DCS: F-14 Tomcat), VKB took center-stage for one of the highlights of the show – the prize giveaway. With 329 individual entrants, and 927 entries (via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), two lucky fans were selected to be awarded with the VKB prizes, one being the Gunfighter Mk.II ($399), and secondly the Gladiator Mk.II ($99). This came at an exciting time, whilst the release of the DCS: Tomcat and DCS: Christen Eagle just around the corner. VKB offers a range of high-quality products, the Gunfighter being the flagship joystick with a huge range of functionality, and the Gladiator acting as arguably the best entry-level stick on the market.

The Virtual United Air Festival was also kindly provided with a set of VKB T-Rudder pedals ($244), which were awarded to ‘Panther’, as the best solo demonstration pilot, as voted for by both the public, and the VUAF judges. Panther’s Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Demo wowed crowds on the first day of the show, and we hope to see him back next year!

During a flawless weekend, hundreds of avid viewers tuned in to see the show live on Twitch, with over 350 viewers watching at one time! It’s safe to say that we’re more than happy with the success of the show, and can’t wait to return next year, hopefully once again in collaboration with VKB.

For more information about both VUAF, and the remaining virtual airshows this year, feel free to explore the links below.




Day 1:

Day 2:

VKB Live Giveaway:

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Virtual United Air Festival 2018 – VKB Giveaway

Hi Guys,

VKB HQ asked me to share this with everyone:

VKB Giveaway

This year we have teamed up with VKB to bring both Pilots and Spectators the best possible airshow experience. VKB provide some of the best quality flight simulation hardware on the market, boasting well designed, durable, realistic and aesthetic products.

VKB have kindly provided us with $750 worth of flight simulation equipment to giveaway:

  • Gunfighter Pro Mk.II ($399) | Includes either MCG or MCG Pro grip.
  • T-Rudder Pedals Mk.IV ($244)
  • Gladiator Mk.II ($99)

We have decided to giveaway the two sticks (one entry level, one advanced) in a public competition. The rudder pedals will be contested for by the solo acts performing this year. At the end of the show weekend, the solo pilot with the most votes will be rewarded.

Here’s the URL:

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Gladiator Upgrade Kit Lite w/ MCG Bundles coming

Hi guys,

VKB HQ believes that roughly 90% of you who wait for the Upgrade Kit Lite to be released do so because they want to use it to make their Gladiator (non-pro) base compatible with the MCG/MCG PRO grips. With that in mind, VKB HQ allowed me to make Upgrade Kit + MCG grip bundles, and sell them instead for those of you who would otherwise be wanting to buy an MCG grip when the Upgrade Kit releases.

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Flash/Reset/Calibrate guides for new MCG/MCG PRO users

Hi guys,

For those of you who have an MCG series grip inbound for your Gladiator Pro Mk.II or Gunfighter joystick, please follow the respective guide provided on how to Flash/Reset/Calibrate your joystick with your new MCG or MCG PRO grip installed:

Hope these are useful to you.

Important: You will have to flash your Gunfighter or Gladiator base to make your new MCG work with it. Simply removing your current grip and installing your new MCG will not magically make the base understand what just happened. You need to tell the base (via firmware update) that there’s a new grip in town!

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